Our Latest Customer Reviews

Suzanne J. Manchester,

I completed the 3 day course in Nov at the Armitage Centre ( which was a great venue). The Trainer was Lance, He was fantastic & he delivered the course with such passion and knowledge about 1st Aid. I have since put some of the training in practice within my work place,so a big thank you to Lance. Would recommend the company & Lance for future training courses.

Robert L, Manchester,

I just completed the 3-day First Aid at Work Course with Lance Bonner as the trainer and found the whole experience very good. Lance has a very entertaining (and loud) style of getting across information about some very serious situations people and First Aiders may be confronted with.

Lance went the extra mile to cover not only course specifics stipulated by the HSE, but covered many other First Aid issues in and out of the workplace. The course was very thorough and when the time comes to put it into practice, Lance has inspired me to administer First Aid with confidence.

Johno G, Cheshire,

I and my boss have just completed a 3 day first aid course with lance bonner,
and i would recommend lance and this company to any employer, i would say that
this is and has been the best course for the information and extra tips, to keep
yourself, staff, customers and indeed your own family safe. Lance has a
different approach to training but a approach that i feel makes the students
more aware, and take in more information, i will be sending all my staff, and
friends your way.Lance is very passionate about his work and for us to learn the
real situations and this is shown in his work ethics, and approach, keep up the
good work

Dianne W, Manchester,

I have just finished my 2 day refresher course today with trainer Lance Bonner
and must say i thoroughly enjoyed it not only did lance make you feel at ease he
is very passionate about his work he made it interesting taught us all a lot and
more i would highly recommend your company and (lance)to anyone

Ian S, Manchester,

I couldn’t rate the value for money as my 2 day refresher was paid for by the
company I work for. However, I will recommend they always use this company
because Lance made the course interesting, very informative and entertaining.
Plenty of new procedures were covered, and a common sense attitude prevailed,
which means the knowledge may stick, and come to mind when most needed.

Debra M, Stockport,

Lance bonner was our trainer and he was brilliant. He is very passionate and
extremely thorough. I learnt things on this course that I hadn’t on the previous
2 courses. He was really good and helpful on finding out I was 6 weeks pregnant

It was well structured and he is very knowledgeable. I liked the own
experience stories. They were fantastic. Keep up the good work and I hope I can
come back again in 3 weeks.

Danny Q, Manchester Airport,

Brilliant straight to the point first aid course!

Eleanor McC, Manchester,

A recent 3 day first aid course with Lance Bonner was the best one I have
His teaching style was engaging, funny and definitely structured
in such a way as to maintain interest and retain the essential information we
Lance has passion and a practical working knowlege which is so

David U, Manchester,

I have just finished a 3 day course at the Armitage Centre with Lance and what a
great guy he is. The course was great and run professionally I would recommend
this man and his company to anybody. Very informative and useful tips to

Diana F, Stockport,

I just completed the 3-day First Aid at Work Course with Lance Bonner as the
trainer. Lance was a fantastic trainer and thoroughly enjoyed learning First Aid
technics and how to handle emergency situations. Would recommend himself and the
company to anyone else who needs to be trained in First Aid.